Bookish BINGO

Bloggeretterized just posted a wrap up of the summer edition of bookish bingo that is created by Great Imaginations and mentioned that there is a Holiday edition! I have seen this around but haven't participated but it looks fun and I want to try it out :) So this will be my official sign up for it! Check out the graphic for it below and Great Imaginations Blog Post about it :)




I don't want to feel pressured to fill in all the squares but I hope to at least get one bingo :) I don't have a TBR yet, but I do have some books I'm thinking of reading to fill in the spaces :)


Tentative Books:


Reread- A Nicholas Sparks book (at least A Walk to Remember)

Horror - Salem's Lot by Stephen King

"Ice" "Snow" or "Frost in the title: Let it Snow by 3 Authors

Witches - Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood


Well that's all I got right now so I will have to find some others - I really hope I find a book set in New Orleans because that would be really fun!


I'll probably update in my monthly wrap up how I am doing but it ends at the end of December!!


Are you participating? If you want to, check out the blog post linked above :)