Book Review: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Open Road Summer - Emery Lord

Summary: Open Road Summer is about a girl named Reagan who is riding along with her best friend Dee - Lilah Montgomery who is on tour as a country singer. Rumors spread about the Dee regarding her past boyfriend and to distract the gossip - they bring in a good natured country singer to stand in as a fake boyfriend. However, Matt has his eye on someone else...


" I think it's the BRAVEST thing in the world - to run straight at LOVE even knowing how BADLY you could get hurt "


Review: I've been wanting to read this book for awhile, ever since it came out in April of this year. It sounded right up my ally - a cute romantic contemporary involving a sort of road trip and music and it definitely was!! I really enjoyed this story about friendship and love. I love that it reminded me of one of my favorite shows, Nashville. Reagan was really relate-able and I thought Matt Finch was adorable and there were so many cute moments in this book! I love country boys!! I loved all the growth that all the characters showed and it was just a really fun and good read! I definitely recommend to those that like romantic contemporary like I do :)  I'm glad I finally read it and am looking forward to future books by this author!!





Have you read Open Road Summer? What did you think of it?