October Favorites

Hello :)


I enjoyed doing my September Favorites last month so I wanted to continue even though I didn't have a lot of favorites in October! October is my favorite month and I'm so sad it's over :( This year is going by way too fast! I'm going to get started on my faves:






The Guardian was a reread for me, and I just loved revisiting the story :) And I've been wanting to read Open Road Summer for awhile and I'm glad I loved it!





"Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

Check this amazing music video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp-EO5I60KA

"Out of the Woods" by Taylor Swift


I cannot believe I don't have Taylor Swift's new cd 1989 yet. Don't ask - I don't know what's wrong with me either! I barely even listened to the new songs, I'm super excited for it but I just want to experience the whole album once I get it! But I have been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran this month! I love him <3




The Fault in Our Stars



I finally seen this - now I really liked the book but it's not a favorite and I didn't think it was absolutely amazing like everyone else seems to, but I liked it! The movie was really well- done! I loved it! I cried like a baby through the whole thing though! Glad I was in the comfort of my own home and not in a theater!! I wish the Best of Me was on this list, I really need to see it but from my experience of TFIOS, I don't want to cry through the whole thing like I know I will! Also it's not in theaters near me which is really frustrating!! I may see it once it comes to a local indie theater!






- Started watching this on Netflix and I am in love!! I have 3 more episodes of Season 1 to watch and then will have to wait a year for Season 2 to come on Netflix :/


The Walking Dead






- Season 4 finally came to Netflix and it's getting so good!! Me and my boyfriend are enjoying this season especially at the half way point!!


New Girl




Season 3 came to Netflix and my boyfriend and I are enjoying it so far!


My favorite show, Gilmore GIrls came to Netflix on October 1 and I'm so tempted to watch all the seasons again, but I know once I start that's all I'll do! So I haven't done it! I'm being good!! And of course I'm still loving one of my fave shows, Nashville







I am in love with this app, I either look at blogs on here or when the blogger tweets them, but now I followed a bunch of blogs and can read their posts at leisure and I love how this helps to keep up with all the blogs and you love and follow!! I definitely want to follow more (but don't want to have a crazy number because that would be too much) P.S. I'm also on bloglovin: A Book to Remember!





I love posting on Instagram and so glad I found bookstagram and I follow a bunch of people that post book pictures and I love it! And there's tags to do and I just love posting there! Feel free to follow me if you like book pictures too! 




Dorney Park Haunt



Sadly, I didn't do many Haunted events like I was hoping to but my boyfriend but we went to the haunted attraction at a themepark where you can go on the rides as well as walk through the 13 haunted attractions they have! Lots of fun :)




I think that's about it for my favorites of October! Can't really think of any more at the moment but it was a pretty good month! Here's to November!! So excited for Thanksgiving and really hope to read some good books!! (And finally get Taylor Swift's new cd!)


What were some of your favorites of October??