Friday Reads

Hey guys :)



I am reading this wonderful book!! I started it on Wednesday after I got it from the library and I am seriously IN LOVE with it! I can already tell it's going to be one of my faves of the year! I love the way it's written, the characters, the story - it's just beautiful!


I will most likely be finishing it this weekend and I don't know what I'm going to start after it! I should probably start Wuthering Heights to get a start on it so I can finish it for November! But I'll see where my mood takes me! I really hope I don't have a book hangover after I'll Give You the Sun though! I have been thinking a lot about picking up How to Love by Katie Contugo again from the library to read! (I had to return it unread) So maybe that will be my next read!


I still have A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin on my currently reading, I started it in August and read 219 pages then, didn't read it in September and only read 2 chapters in October. At this rate, I don't think I'll be finished by the end of the year! I should probably read a good amount of it this month! I'll love to get to the halfway point but we shall see!


I have a 4 day weekend WOOP WOOP. And hope to get a lot of reading done but I also have to do a lot around the house and spend some time with the boy! Also want to finish watching season 1 of Reign (3 more episodes left!) Then I will have to figure out what to watch next, I'm thinking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I loved it as a teen but haven't watched all of the episodes and I'd love to do that! :) Then possibly read the graphic novels - that would be fun! Other than that, I have no exciting plans!


What are you reading this friday/weekend? Any exciting plans this weekend!?