Currently Reading

Hey all :)



I just wanted to share my current read that I am absolutely LOVING!! I was having a hard time getting into a book and I didn't want to pick a long one because that can be daunting because it takes me longer to read but I'm glad I put that aside and started the Bronze Horseman - I am loving it, it's soooo good! I don't think I have read a historical fiction this year which is crazy since it's one of my favorite genres so I'm just so glad to be reading this :) It's beautiful!! Can't wait to read more!! Even though it's going to take me awhile it is definitely worth it!


Also look out for tomorrow..., I am going to be posting a cover reveal for Lily Paradis's new books, Volition and let me tell you it's GORGEOUS!! I've never done anything like this so I'm super excited!!


Hope you are all doing well and reading something good!!


Happy reading,


Jess :)