The Elements Book Cover Tag

This tag was created by TorsBookReviews on youtube in which you find books that meet the two questions asked involving the four elements, (earth, water, air, and fire)




Find a book that represents earth, whether the cover contains a world, or trees, dirt, grass... etc. and find a book cover that is green or has green on it:



[I haven't read The Art of Saying Goodbye yet but was drawn in by it's cover especially since fall is my favorite season! & The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is one of my favorite series!]




Find a book that has water on it and a book cover with blue on it:



[Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors, and this was the second book I read by him years ago! And I recently read The Light Between Oceans and it is a very heartbreaking story!]




Find a book that you can physically see air represented such as a girl's hair that looks windswept and find a book that is white or has white on the cover:



[Both Cinder and Scarlet (books 1 and 2 of the lunar chronicles series) are amazing, among my favorites!! And I read the L.A. Candy trilogy and actually enjoyed it much more than I though I would! It's like a guilty pleasure read!]




Find a book that has fire on the cover somehow and one that's red or includes red in the cover


[Haven't read either :/ But hopefully I'll get to the Wednesday Letters soon! (in the back of the book, there's a letter taped to it with the word epilogue on it and I need to know what it says!]



Find a book that contains all of the colors, (green, blue, white, and red):



[This is the best I could find! I read this, but enjoyed the movie more :/ - you don't hear that too often!]