Top 5 Authors I Have Not Read Yet

The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn The Beach House - James Patterson, Peter de Jonge Plum Boxed Set 1 (Stephanie Plum, #1-3) - Janet Evanovich The Blue Bistro - Elin Hilderbrand

Usually my tbr lists consists of books I want to read and not necessarily authors I want to read from if that makes sense. However, there are certain authors I've heard about and want to read multiple books from and this is my list of the top 5:


1. F. Scott Fitzgerald

- I've been meaning to read the Great Gatsby for a long time now (planning on it this month) but have also noticed a lot of his books, (maybe all?) take place in the 1920s/the Jazz Age which is one of my favorite eras, so I hope to read more of his books and his novella, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


2. Gillian Flynn

- Gone Girl will probably be the first I read of hers since a lot of people seem to like it so it sounds interesting as well as her other two books, Sharp Objects, and Dark Places. I hope I like her, I really enjoy finding authors and devouring all their books. And she only has 3 out, so it's not a crazy amount!


3.Elin Hilderbrand
- I have 4 of her books that I got recently and can't wait to try her. Based on her covers, it seems like I will like her books. They appear to be cute romantic beachy reads! Not sure what my first will be....


4. James Patterson

- I have read 3/4 of his romance novels and loved them. But I want to read one of his more typical, thriller books! Currently I own the Beach House so that will most likely be my first. (Fun fact: I bought the Beach House because Rachel McAdams as Clare in the Time Traveler's Wife said it was her favorite book at least in the movie, don't recall if it was also in the book)


5. Janet Evanowich

- I heard her Stephanie Plum series is really good and want to give that series a try. I started watching the movie, One for the Money (before I realized it was a book series) and I just got annoyed from it so I gave up on it. (and I usually like Katherine Heigl, the one who played Stephanie Plum) However, I heard the books are better and that a lot of people were disappointed in the movie. Maybe after I read the first one, may finish the movie?


Q: Have you read any books from any of these authors? What authors do you want to read books from?