Summer Reading Tag

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell The Outsiders (Student Packet) (Student Packet Grades 7-8) - S.E. Hinton Seriously...I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator  - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl By Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of Bees - -Penguin (Non-Classics)- Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare The Lucky Ones: A Bright Young Things Novel - Anna Godbersen

This was created by kitkatscanread on youtube. It consists of 6 questions that pertain to a day in summer and books that go along with each question. To make this easier, I'm just going to pick books I've read this summer so far :) (June, July, August)


1. It's morning and a hint of sunshine is in the sky. What book has had a great start for you?


- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell - This book was really good and I did enjoy the first half of the book much more than the second half, but overall it was a very good book!


2. You go outside with a good book in hand. What book do you choose?


- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (how fitting!) This was just a really good book that I'm glad I finally read this summer!! I want to read more like it!


3. You decide to fetch an ice cream to cool down. Name a chilled-out/cool read.


- Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen Degenerous - I loved this book and I listened to it on audiobook narrated by Ellen! It was just a really great reading/cool experience! It definitely made me want to listen to more audiobooks! (especially since previously I didn't enjoy the ones I've tried to listen to!)


4. The sun gets trapped behind a cloud. How annoying! What book has annoyed you recently?


-  Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl - I love Roald Dahl and a lot of his books, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being one of my favorities, but this so called sequel annoyed me! It was pointless - it would have been an okay story if it's didn't claim to be a sequel. It was random and I hated it.


5. It's later in the day and the sun has moved. Time to relocate. What book has moved you?


- The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd - This book is one of my favorites, I reread it this summer and it just moved me again. It's a coming of age story and it just taught me a lot, very good story!


6. The day is almost over and it's been fantastic til the end. What book has amazed you to the finish?


- I have to go with two trilogies for this question. Those two would be the infernal devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare (Clockwork Angel/Prince/Princess) and the Bright Young Things trilogy by Anna Godbersen (Bright Young Things, Beautiful Days, and the Lucky Ones) Both absolutely amazing series that I loved from start to finish! I didn't want either of them to end!