30 Day Book Challenge: Day 26

Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella

A Book That Changed Your Opinion About Something

I read some books that changed my opinion on a genre. (Genre: Chick- Lit) -- I never thought I would like "Chick-Lit" and the books I have read from that genre I did not like at all or they were just okay. I grouped all chick-lit into the "Single girl with a struggling weight problem who complains about their job and the rest of their life and is self absorbed" category. It wasn't until I finally read Sophie Kinsella's books that I realized that I should give the genre another chance! I didn't know I could enjoy chick lit without constantly rolling my eyes at the narrator and the non-stop cliches! Granted it was one authors' work and my stereotyping of the genre, but her work made me view the genre differently. It started with Can You Keep A Secret. It was so good! I absolutely loved it and devoured two more of Kinsella's books in the same month (Remember Me? & I've Got Your Number) and loved them as well!! Now she is one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read all of her work! They read like good romantic comedy movies!


Note: Emily Giffin is also one of my favorite authors and her work is lumped into the "chick-lit" genre - but I don't feel they are chick-lit in the stereotyping sense! I love all of her books! They are good contemporary romances that make you think about your life and actions! I can't recommend these two authors enough!!