The 'Book Colors' Tag

The Book Colors Tag


In this tag, you just follow the instructions as follows:


1. Choose a color: I choose orange because looking at my shelves, I didn't have too many books that were orange!

2. Show all your books in that color: 



3. Separate color by read/unread:







4. What book do you want to read the most?


5. What is your favorite book?


6. What is your favorite book cover?
My favorite cover is actually A Walk to Remember, I love the fall scene but since I already picked it, I went with another cover I like!



7. What is you least favorite book cover?


8. What is a book you want to buy?



9. What is something near you/on your bookshelf?

This delicious smelling candle from Bath and Body Works! I love pumpkin everything!





Have you read any of these? Do you have a favorite or least favorite orange book?



* Although I didn't do this tag in each of these, I did two posts where I show you my books of a certain color if you want to check them out!

- Green book covers:

- Red book covers:


* This tag was created by bookswithdylan on youtube - his original video is linked below!