Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

“That moment," she told Cath, "when you realize that a guy's looking at you differently - that you're taking up more space in his field of vision. That moment when you know he can't see past you anymore.”


Overall I really enjoyed the book - I love coming of age novels, first loves, and the college setting and the fanfiction was pretty cool too. Especially since Simon Snow is based on Harry Potter so I loved that! I loved the characters! I wish the ending was a bit more satisfying, but I also appreciate that everything isn't wrapped up into a pretty little bow. It was just too open of an ending for me, so that's why I took away one star. Looking forward to reading Attachments and her new novel, comes out next year: Landlines! She's becoming a favorite author of mine!

Definitely recommend this book! :D And her other book, Eleanor & Park!