Book Haul - November 2013

Adding more books to my overflowing collection :)




* the book on the upper left hand corner of the second picture is  selected writings from Ralph Waldo Emerson!



Out of all these books I'm most excited about this cookbook (actually there's two but they look the same, in the same binder) One's regular meals, the other appetizers and desserts! I'm so excited to cook from them because they are actually food I can see myself making over the fancy stuff I see a lot of cookbooks contain! And love that there pictures and it's in a binder and all organized! LOVE.


I got all of these for $7.50 cents!! from my library book sale, awesome deals!! (Actually, 4 books are not shown here because I already owned them, just swapped for a better cover (2 of the ones I had were library editions which I hate) They were: The Last Summer of You & Me by Ann Brashares, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown! (and one that I'm giving back, Loser by Jerry Spinelli)


Have you read any of these?!