Top 5 Wednesday: Best Sequels

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Just One Year  - Gayle Forman Something Blue - Emily Giffin Cress - Marissa Meyer Scarlett - Alexandra Ripley, Stephens Mitchell

Top 5 Wednesday was started by gingerreadslainey on youtube where each week she comes up with a new topic where you list your favorite 5. This weeks topic is sequels. Most of the time when I love a series, the sequels  run into one another especially since I like to marathon my series so I picked ones that I distinctly remember and love! I also didn't want to pick any series ending, unless it's a duology. Counting down to my #1 favorite, here's my top 5 sequels:


5. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


I really enjoyed The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire was even better... I usually like the first book the best in series, but in this case I think Catching Fire was my favorite. The arena was the best part, and there was just so much action. Too bad Mockingjay was such a disappointment :/


4. Just One Year by Gayle Forman


I read both Just One Day and Just One Year this year so far and really enjoyed them both. I liked Just One Year better than Just One Day because it really made the story complete, my questions were answered, and I just enjoyed Willem's journey more than Allyson's. Both were great self-discovery stories.


3.Something Blue by Emily Giffin


Something Borrowed is one of my favorite books and I do like it the best out of this duology, but Something Blue was a really good book. The character growth in the main character Darcy was amazing and you go from hating her for so long to loving her, it's amazing! I'm so excited a movie is in the works!!


2. Cress by Marissa Meyer


I love the lunar chronicles so much and Cress the third installment was absolutely amazing!! I think it's my favorite of the series, although it's hard to choose between it and Cinder but it was so good - I love all the characters, the relationships, where the story is headed - everything! It's amazing! I have a feeling that Winter the final book will be so well done and a satisfying ending to the series! At least I hope so!!


1. Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley


This is the sequel to Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell which is one of my favorite books! Although people are skeptical or hate on this book because it wasn't written by the original author - it didn't matter to me. I devoured this book - I thought she did an amazing job with the characters, loved that most of the story was set in Ireland and she gave me the ending I wanted! Rhett and Scarlett are my favorite literary couple so to me this book was perfect and so well written! One of my faves :)


What are some of your favorite sequels?









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