The Either/Or Tag

Yay!! a tag that's going around booklikes, if you've been following me for some time you know I love me some tags!!


BOOKLET OR TOME?  I've never heard of these words before but going from other answers, it's short or long books. Hmmm... I actually prefer average books answer from 300-500 pages. I've read some long ones but usually they scare me... and also love short books because I read them faster! But I have to pick one... Booklet I guess only so I can read more and more... :D


PRE-OWNED OR NEW?  Pre-owned. I'm so cheap and I have lots of books and can only afford to splurge on used books! It doesn't bother me! The majority of my collection is used books!


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY?  I love both but I have to go with Historical fiction :) I love being in another time-period and/or learning about certain points in history! Love when it's combined with romance or fantasy or paranormal or any other genre I like!


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK?  Paperback because they are more comfortable to read. Specifically like trade paperback. But also like hardcovers sooo...


FUNNY OR SAD? This ones tough because I love light books that make me laugh but also love books that really make me feel and cry. (This description makes me think of the Fault in Our Stars which makes you laugh and cry LOVE) CRAP. I think based on what I read, I'll pick sad. I love a good cry and book that just makes you feel!


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? I am not a seasonal reader, I read all year! I'm not in school anymore so I'm not confined to the summer to get most of my reading done. I love all the reading. But I must pick. I'll say winter because I love the feeling of getting cozy with a book and a hot cup of tea in your bed or comfy chair :)


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  Mostly Mainstream. I feel kind of bad but to be honest I mostly read popular books... because they are hyped and I get excited for them, I can talk about them with more people, they are popular for a reason, they may have movies or tv shows... the reasons are endless. So that said I read popular classics too!


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION?  When I think of a guide book I think of a book that shows you the rope when you are traveling in a different county... does it mean non-fiction? Anyway the answer is FICTION :) I love being taken away into another world or life! But I also read non-fiction books :)


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Thriller... I haven't read any books that I'd necessarily deem a crime novel. At least when I think of crime novels I think of John Grisham type books! I haven't read many thrillers either and definitely want to get more into that genre! Especially psychological thrillers!


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  Print edition will always win for me. However I got a kindle last fall and am in love with it!!! I used to hate e-readers/books but my thoughts have changed! I have read just as much books on my kindle as print books and it's so fun, there's so many great deals, its great to travel with and sample books! It's amazing! I am so glad I got a kindle :)


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  Let's be honest here, I am a book hoarder! Collecting all the way! Currently have 600 (not including kindle books) and I love watching my collection grow! However, I do like to go through my books and get rid of ones I know I won't read or ones I hated because it can get crazy!


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Bookstore, I love going into them and the thrill of finding a book you want! I especially like indie stores! Or also going to any used book sales! But I do get a lot of books online as well!


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  I'll go with backlist... I always liked reading but I started really becoming an avid reader in college so for the past 6 years so I have a lot of books I need to catch up on! I also didn't pay much attention to new releases (until this past year) unless it was Nicholas Sparks so I'm expanding!


BEST OR BAD SELLER?  God, I feel so snobby but I'm going with Best. Like I said previously, I read mostly popular books that have better ratings for so many reasons.


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK? Cookbook because I am not the greatest cook but little by little I'm expanding things I can cook. Not much of a baker. I like easy and partially homemade food so I am no expert!




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