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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

So it was my birthday today (Sun Apr 6) and my boyfriend took me to the bookstore :) which is the best way to spend your b-day in my opinion!! (We also went to dinner and for a nice walk afterwards watching the sunset) But it was so hard choosing, I wanted all the books! But, as someone who mainly shops at used book stores and gets good deals for kindle books - new books are expensive!! I decided to pick one I knew I really wanted and wanted to read right now! (I also picked out a cute bookmark that says "Never judge a book by it's movie") I read and enjoyed Eleanor & Park and Fangirl by this author - and plan on reading everything she writes! I hope I like this one, I have a great feeling that I will! Unlike her other two books, this one is an adult contemporary romance :) I only read a few pages so far, and enjoying it already!


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