Hello bookish friends :)


As it is Wednesday, I usually post a "top 5 wednesday" post but this week, I will be skipping it. The topic is book quotes and I just can't come up with 5. I just don't have a lot of favorite quotes in general and if I do they are usually the cliche ones like "Everything happens for a reason..." etc. I do like to include quotes in my reviews because I think they are fun addition to a review to give some insight into what the book is about or just to share some I like from the story, but doesn't mean they are my favorite quotes of all time. I usually consult goodreads to get quotes anyway. There are some I do like from books like, "My dear, I don't give a damn" (Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell) but thought the movie version was brilliant in adding "Frankly" I do also really love the quote, "Without suffering, there'd be no compassion" from A Walk to Remember, the movie. I read the book, which is one of my favorites 3 times and don't think it's actually in the book - just the movie. But it's one of my favorites! So I am sorry there will be no top 5 post from me this week, but check out the links below if you are interested in Top 5 Wednesday! Do you have a favorite book quote? Let me know in the comments!


I'm almost caught up on reviews for this year and I am happy about that! I have to do one for the book I just finished and loved, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell - so that will be up soon! I also want to do one for the Sarah J. Maas series, Throne of Glass but want to read the 5 novellas (The Assassin's Blade) before I do that. And I also want to do a discussion type post for my reread of the Harry Potter series, just not sure how I want to split it up!


I want to continue with my Bookshelf tour, and I think next I'll do is my Adult book shelf, so look out for that soon! The first shelf on my Adult bookshelf consists of the majority of my (mostly romantic) classics :)


I want to start a series where I discuss one favorite author of mine. I keep starting posts, but some just have so many books and it's taking forever! I wanted to start with my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks - but he has 18 books so that will be a long post! I think I'm going to start easy with Rainbow Rowell since I have read her three books that she has out and that will be a much easier one to start with!


Besides thinking of future posts I want to do, I am just enjoying reading :) So far I read 2 great books this month and currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix and making a dent in it - hope I can finish that one by the end of the month! But I'm also itching to start a new book, just not sure what it will be! So many options!!


And while my "bookish life" is going great - I am slacking big time in my personal life! I am such a procrastinator and would rather be in my fictional worlds than in reality. I really need to stop procrastinating and look for a better job, finish my taxes, start spring cleaning (my apartment REALLY needs it), start working out, and just getting my life together! I am such a slacker and then I get stressed about being such a slacker.. so I resort to books or the internet and this cycle just never ends!


Hope everyone is having a great week so far and are reading great books :)


- Jess








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