Bookshelf Tour: One Shelf at a Time (7)


So I have done my YA-Children's bookcase and my mostly nonfiction little bookcase (linked below), now I decided to do my (Mostly) Adult Bookcase! And I only have one more small bookcase of most of my historical fiction books!


The first shelf shown is most of my classics :) Here are the books:


Have Read:








The Bookcase



Have you read any of these?


(Notes: The red one with no cover is Miracle on 34th Street by Valentine Davies, The one next to Wuthering Heights is the same book but an old illustrated edition, I haven't read all of the Grimm's Fairytales just some select stories but I'm making my way through them :) and the small shelf next to the 5-shelf bookcase is my mostly nonfiction books that I showed in my 6th post, linked below on my bookshelf tour page!)








Link: To my bookshelf tour page:




New books: 1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy