Book Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

Summary: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West is about a girl named Caymen who works in a doll shop her mother owns and one day meets a boy named Xander who comes in looking for a doll for his grandmother. The thing about Xander is that he is rich, and Caymen and her mother don't like the rich. Xander comes as a surprise and Caymen finds herself falling for him despite her prejudices against him... If you like cute romantic contemporaries, I'd recommend picking this one up! Some people have described this as a mix between Pretty in Pink and Gilmore Girls - and I have to agree!


“You look terrified. Does this scare you?”
“More than anything.”
“Because I didn’t bring my mints.”
“And now the real answer . . .”
“Because I’m afraid that once you catch me, the game’s over.”


Review: So this book was SUPER cute! I would have been able to read it in one sitting but unfortunately life got in the way. But I bought this book yesterday and finished it at 3am. It's such a quick and fun read that I did not want to put down!! I loved the main character, Caymen right away; her sarcasm and witty comments are seriously the best! She made me laugh out loud so much! This book did remind me of Gilmore Girls (my all time favorite show) because it's set in a small town a tad on the quirky side (she works in a porcelain doll shop) and Caymen's sarcasm and quick wit really reminds me of Lorelai! Also the conversations/banter between her and Xander... that brings me to Xander.He is so cute and sweet, I loved him. The way he really got Caymen and was able to handle her sarcasm. Just the conversations between them were my favorite part of the book and all their cute moments. SWOON. My only issue with this book was that it ended abruptly. First of all, I did not want it to end - I miss the characters already. I want to know whats happening now and what they are talking about... and second, I don't think everything was explained all that well either. But that aside, it was still a really great book that I loved and I am really looking forward to reading more books by this author! She has a new contemporary coming out this summer, On the Fence and people are already raving about it! Super excited!!


Have you read this book or the Pivot Point duology?