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Moving on with my adult bookshelf tour, the next shelf down from the top is my romance bookshelf a.k.a. my Nicholas Sparks' collection :)


Have Read:



My Nicholas Sparks collection :) These are in publication order - his books are my favorite :) I've read over half of them at least twice. I am hoping to get them all in hardcover and am slowly working up to that!



I really like James Patterson's romance novels! He has two other more recent ones that I really need to get too! The Christmas Wedding and First Love. And I really want to try a thriller from him!



Love these three :)



I really enjoyed the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts - I was drawn to them by the covers, they are simply beautiful especially in person! They are fun and romantic but so very predictable but I was okay with that! I think I'm only going to read a select few from her work, because they all seem to have the same plot line and characters with other added elements within each one.




The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorite books but I am hesitant to start Her Fearful Symmetry because I've heard so many mixed things about it and it seems most people didn't like it very much. And this is a Nora Roberts book I'd like to read because I believe I seen the movie on either Lifetime or Hallmark and really liked it at least I'm hoping it's the same one I am thinking about! I tried to start it a couple times but the main character in the beginning seems like a pig so it's hard to get through!


Please let me know if you have read any of these (or other books by that author) and/or have any recommendations based on them :) I love a good romance!!



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