On my Shelf: READ VS. UNREAD

So this morning I decided to tackle the daunting task of seeing how many books I have read and haven't read on my shelves plus the books on my kindle. I included all of my books whether they were regular books, novellas, arcs, graphic novels, coffee table books, or children's books (i.e. I Spy Books) and I wanted to break it down:


Book Calculations:


Total Read: 320 (294 physical books and 26 e-books)

Total Unread: 350 (270 physical books and 80 e-books)

Currently reading: 1 (physical books)



671 Books (565 Physical books and 106 e-books)








Notes on Calculations: The above calculation does not count any duplicates, I have 3 physical dupes and 6 e-book dupes of other books I own. I also didn't include 1 physical book, The Grimm's Brothers Fairy Tales because I have read some of the stories but overall it's not finished. Hard to calculate. I also have 1 book on bookshout which is an app on my phone that was given to me for signing up with pulseit

but I probably will never read it because I don't like reading on my phone and also have some books on ibooks that I also probably won't read because again I don't like reading on my phone. (I have 46 on that were all free books - mostly classics) So I didn't count any of those in my calculations. I am also giving away around 60 books that I didn't include because they won't be mine soon! And I also didn't include 8 books that I am currently debating whether or not I want to get rid of! But this is my overall gist of how many I have read and haven't read on my shelves!


So my actual total for physical books is 569, 112 kindle books, and 47 other e-books! With a grand total of 728 books including all that I own (minus the ones I'm giving away and the 8 I'm debating on!)


My thoughts: Overall I'm pretty happy with having read almost 50% of my collection. I definitely wish the number of unread books was smaller and I combat that by getting rid of unread books I don't plan on reading and also have been getting rid of some books I have read but didn't really like enough to keep. I'm going to try to do this ever so often to reduce my collection. However, I will always be adding books to my shelves so I'm not sure if I will ever get my unread books smaller! There are also a lot of books in my collection that I am not in a hurry to get to - there's only a small number of books that I'm dying to read. I am a collector and mostly get my books from used bookstores and that's why I have so many because they are so cheap! I love the fact that it's like a library and the books are just waiting to be loved when the time is right!


Do you know how many books you have read and haven't read on your shelves?