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This shelf consists of my horror/thriller-esque books! As you'll notice, I haven't read much of them :X


Have Read:



I love Shutter Island, it's one of my favorite books and movies! I've only read 3 of Stephen Kings books (also read Carrie on my kindle) and hope to read one of his a year! I have only read these two zombie books (Warm Bodies and the Walking Dead graphic novel) and need more! The Road was okay and I loved 172 Hours on the Moon, it really freaked me out!





These are more horror-esque books. I do want to read one of Chuck Palahniuk's books, and even though I don't have it - I will probably read Fight Club first and go from there. Been meaning to read WWZ forever! I'm excited to get into the Something Strange and Deadly series/trilogy!! The green one on the upper right is The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, I have read some of his short stories! Not sure which Stephen King I'll read this year! And Flowers in the Attic sounds pretty disturbing!



These are more thriller/mystery-esque books! I definitely want to read more of Dennis Lehane books, love that those two are set in the 1920s and they are part of a series which I didn't realize. I think it will be a trilogy! Really want to try James Patterson's more thriller type books - I picked this one because in the movie, The Time Traveler's Wife the main character, Claire said it was her favorite book lol. And want to continue on with Dan Browns series, dive into the Millennium trilogy at some point and want to read Agatha's Christie's most famous novel! And the movie of All the Pretty Horses seems interesting, so I got the book.


Have you read any of these??




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