Most Anticipated Spring & Summer Releases

Here I'm listing books I am most excited about that are coming out in the Spring and Summer (May-August)! I also included books that already came out in 2014 that I still really want to read at the end!


May Releases

-May 6, 2014-

I am definitely the most excited for this one! I love her other books and this one looks super good! It's a YA contemporary about friendship :)



-May 13, 2014-

People have already been buzzing about this book, they said it kind of blows your mind and that you should go in not knowing anything!



-May 13, 2014-

I love this author, loved both of her YA series, the Luxe and Bright Young Things. I'm excited for her adult book that is about Marilyn Monroe that's a thriller!



-May 20, 2014-

I love all of Emily Giffin's books and am excited to read her new one! Adult contemporary romance :)


July Releases



-July 1, 2014-

I read and loved The Distance Between Us and I'm super excited for this one, people are already saying it's super cute :) YAY! Ya contemporary romance :)



-July 8, 2014-

I read and loved all 3 of Rainbow Rowell's books so I'm so excited for her new one! Attachments is my favorite so I'm really excited that this one is also going to be an Adult romantic contemporary!


August Releases



- August 14, 2014-

I have been anticipating this one for sooo long and finally it has a release date, I seriously cannot wait!! I love her other two books in this YA romance companion trilogy :) I have a feeling this will be amazing!



 Other 2014 (Jan-Apr) Releases I Want to Get My Hands On:


18602791 8475505  Open Road Summer  15749186  17668473 16069030  17228280  18295852 15832932  18364429  18079501  Maybe Someday


There may be others I'm forgetting, but for the most part these are a lot of books I really want to read :) There is definitely more that are coming out in the fall, so I'm sure I'll make one of these for that!


Are you looking forward to any of these books? What is your most anticipated releases this Spring/Summer?