Top 5 Wednesday: Magical Items (Harry Potter Edition)

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey on youtube where she picks a topic for each week and you list the top 5. Check out the goodreads page if you are interested in joining!


This week topic is to list the Top 5 Magical Items. Sadly, I haven't read too many "magical" books (need to read more) and the only items that I can think of are ones from Harry Potter. There are a lot I love and wish I had! I didn't do last week's top 5 so I didn't want to skip this one too, so I just decided to pick 5 magical items I love from Harry Potter (I mean I couldn't just pick one anyway)


5. Marauder's Map

Developed by James (prongs), Siruis (padfoot), Lupin (moony), and Peter (wormtail) that is a map of Hogwarts that shows all the people and secret passages within the castle



I'm not sure how useful this would actually be for me, but it is awesome! This is one of my favorite things that I want! First of all maps are awesome but how cool would it be to see where everyone is and where they are going? And if I have this map, I'm obviously in Hogwarts - SCORE. It's amazing!



4. Invisibility Cloak

A cloak that you wear that makes you invisible...




Come on, how awesome would it be to throw this on and be invisible and spy on people or just to disappear and go on your own adventure! Or sneak into movies... the list of things to do is endless!


3. Time-turner

An object that allows you to go back in time



I'd love to go back and redo and/or relive some moments! I try not to have any regrets but sometimes you do and just wish you could do things over!



2. Pensieve

A type of well where you can extract memories and put them into this to go back to later or to get rid of them



I treasure my memories, especially those of my childhood so much and to be able to go back and witness all my most precious memories? To kind of relive my favorite moments? That would be amazing!


1. Wand

An object made out of wood and other items that lets you perform magic



Obviously, this is my number one because who wouldn't want a magical wand so they can do magic?! I would love to become a witch :)




These are all my favorite magical items from Harry Potter although there are so many more awesome ones!!


Do you have any favorite magical items from Harry Potter or any other books? Have any recommendations for either good Witch books or magical books?