Bout of Books 10.0 Wrap Up

Maus: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds History  - Art Spiegelman My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Maus, Vol. 2: And Here My Troubles Began - Art Spiegelman Where She Went  - Gayle Forman

During the Bout of Books 10.0 readathon, I read 3 books and 2 graphic novels and I am pretty happy with that number - that is more than I usually read in a week! I read somewhere in between 1,400-1,600 pages (I forget how many pages I read before the readathon officially started!) Here are the books I read:


1. Maus I by Art Spiegelman - this was the first graphic novel I finished 12:30am on Tuesday


2. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick - second book I finished in the evening of Tuesday (my review - click here)


3. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling - third book I finished just before midnight on friday


4. Maus II by Art Spiegelman - fourth graphic novel that I finished around noon on Sunday


5. Where She Went by Gayle Forman - fifth and final book I finished on Sunday just before midnight!


There's only a couple that I did not read from my original Bout of Books tbr: I wanted to read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, but because I was so disappointed in My Life Next Door - I decided to reread Harry Potter to make me feel better (even though on my TBR I only planned to read at least 100 pages of HP) So I abandoned the rest of my tbr to read Harry Potter and that was the best decision I made! I didn't think I was going to finish it by the weekend so I was happy that I finished it Friday and was able to squeeze in two more books during the weekend! I was also supposed to read one novella from The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas but I'm glad I didn't do that either because I wasn't ready to be lost in that world when I was already lost in Harry Potter. So I want to dedicate time to reading all 5 novellas in TAB at once!


So other than that, I stuck to my tbr pretty well! And now I can move on and take the time to read and enjoy the last Harry Potter :D



I participated in one twitter chat that was held on Monday May 12 at 2pm EST:


Q1: Who are you are where can we find you?

A1: I'm Jessica and I blog on booklikes:


Q2: Where are you and how many Bout of Books have you participated in?

A2: I'm at home in Eastern PA and this is the first time I'm participating in - having fun so far!


Q3: Fill in the blank. I'm a reader who is known for...

A3: I'm a reader who is known for... gushing over books too much, hoarding books, and a sucker for a good romance in any genre


Q4: What are your goals for this Bout of Books?

A4: Of course I'd love to finish all the books I have planned but mostly I just want to read more than I usually do in a week!


Q5: What book are you most looking forward to read during Bout of Books?

A5: Tough question! Probably finally reading at least one novella from The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas (fantasy)


Q6: What are you strategies for success during this readathon?

A6: I don't have much of a strategy since I'm a newbie. Read as much as I can with breaks to do the things I gotta do


Q7: Recommend us a book to read

A7: If you love romantic YA contemporary like I do you NEED to read Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson! AMAZING.


That was the twitter chat! I had my answers, but I guessed on the questions because I don't remember exactly what they were (how they were worded) but that was the gist of it! (and oops totally didn't read a novella from the Assassin's Blade (Q5)) 




I also participated in most of the challenges and giveaways and included them in my Bout of Books daily updates!


Day 1: Update and If You Like 'Y', Try 'X'


Day 2: Update and Books You are Looking Forward to


Day 3: Update and Book Pairings


Day 4: Update and Spell it Out


Day 5: Update and Rainbow of Books


Day 6: Update and Show an Author Some Love

Author Spotlight: Morgan Matson


writes books that make you feel, swoon, & want to go on an adventure! Go read Since You've Been Gone!

( favorited your Tweet)


Day 7: Update and Retitle Your Current Read


Those were all the updates and challenges! I don't think I won anything but I had lots of fun and excited to participate in future Bout of Books readathons!




Hope you all had a successful Bout of Books and/or reading week :)