Going on a Vacation.. :)

Hello friends :)


On this Wednesday night, I'll be leaving for vacation for a week. So I won't be posting anything until I come back. Of course I didn't pre-write anything to post in my absence. I didn't even pack yet (oops)....


I will be going across the states to California (I live in PA) for a wedding and going to Yosemite National Park and seeing San Francisco :) Very excited - I never been there :) It will be really short but it should be a good time with family :)


I definitely need a vacation since things have gotten stressful at work too!


I do have a huge dilemma - I don't know what to read!! At least I'll have my kindle with me so I'll have plenty of options and I'll probably get some e-books from the library but hopefully I find something and soon! Wish me luck :D


Hope you all have a good week and I'll shall be back in the game later next week!


Happy reading :)


- Jessica