Back From Vacation

Sadly, I got back from vacation at 3am yesterday. It sucks that it's over and now I'm back to reality. With that said, I had an awesome time in California!


The first few days we were in Yosemite National Park where we stayed in really nice cabins, saw a lot of trees (including really big ones - the Sequoias) and waterfalls. We also went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding and a rehearsal dinner. It was really beautiful.


Then the next couple of days we spent some time in San Francisco! It was pretty chilly there (whereas Yosemite was on the hotter side). My boyfriend drove down Lombard street, we went on a ferry and saw the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz - we explored the turf and had some fun with the shops and attractions such as ice cream places, Ghiradelli square, a 7D zombie game, played old arcade games, had some seafood, and more! We also went on a cable car ride which was a lot of fun!! And then we went to dinner at a nice place that overlooked the Pacific ocean so we saw a beautiful sunset over the ocean and 3 of us ran down to it and dipped our feet in :)


This trip was a lot of fun, if you want to see pictures - they are on my instagram - MsBooklover89


I didn't get much reading done while on the trip, I just read Pivot Point by Kasie West on the plane to and from home! It was pretty good, review to come (although I don't have a whole lot to say)


Right now I'm just catching up on sleep and other things around the house and working.


Hope everyone had a good past week :)


- Jessica