Book Review: On the Fence by Kasie West

On the Fence - Kasie West

Summary: On the Fence is about a girl named Charlie who is a bit of a tomboy who has 3 older brothers and a neighbor boy who stands in as a fourth that treat her just like one of the guys. When Charlie gets another speeding ticket - to make her learn her lesson, her dad makes her get a job to pay it off. With her new job and late night "fence talks" with the boy next door - Charlie learns that all she has to do is be herself. Taking place during the summer, this book is about family, sports, love,overcoming a tragedy, finding yourself, and a swoon-worthy friendship...


Review: As I was expecting, this book was super cute! I loved the main character and that she was a tomboy because of the way she grew up - raised by her dad and having 3 older brothers. I loved how she had to get a job and loved her boss- Linda :) I also loved that there were some The Distance Between Us cameos :) I most liked the relationship between her and Braden - I loved their late night talks by the fence :) I like that there were deeper issues concerning Charlie's mom and Braden's dad. There were some stuff that were kind of melodramatic and a bit convenient but it didn't take away from the overall story. All in all I just really liked this story, I thought it was really cute - and if you love cute contemporary romances, definitely check out this cute and quick read!


Have you read this or any other book by Kasie West? Feel free to recommend any other super cute romances :)