This or That Book Tag

Audio or book in hand?

- By far, book in hand. I tried audio once while working out and didn’t like it. It’s hard to pay attention to and just listen to someone else read. Far better experience reading yourself!


Soft cover or hard back? 

- I prefer soft cover, I like the feel of them more, easier to hold and read from, nice feel of the covers… but I do like hardcovers too, they do keep better- it has to have a good jacket though.


Fantasy world or real life issues?

- It depends on my mood, I like both. Sometimes I want to be taken out of this world but other times I want to learn from a book and just relate to it. I do real more real life issues over fantasy, I’d pick real life issues.


Harry Potter or Twilight?
- Not even a question. Harry Potter by far!


Kindle, Ipad, or other?

- I tried two nooks (the first one and the color one) and ended up selling them both, I just like having my own real books and I can’t justify spending money on books I don’t physically have. It’s nice because you can carry all your books with you and they are cool but nothing compares to real books! But I’d pick the kindle, the screen with e-ink is pretty nice. Better than other screens.


Borrow or buy?

- Definitely buy. I used to go to the library or borrow from a friend but now I just can’t do that. I need to own the book to add to my growing collection. I want a little personal library one day :)


Bookstore or online?

- Although you can get good deals online, I prefer going into a bookstore. Especially a cute local business that sells used books :) And just look at all the books, hold them, read the backs…etc. I do like and buy online if I don’t have time to go to the store or if I want a newer one at a better price.


Stand alone or trilogy/series?

- I prefer stand alone but also like series as well. I feel like every book nowadays is part of a series. Waiting for the next book sucks, and sometimes you just want to read a good book and it ends. Series can be stressful when there’s so many books to read. Plus a lot of times I lose interest or want to read something else before I finish a series. But I do read and love both. I’m definitely a mood reader.


Monster read or short and sweet?

- I prefer short and sweet around 3-4 hundred pages. Some books are just way too long and drawn out. Plus it takes longer to read obviously. But I have loved some really long books, Harry Potter, Gone with the Wind..etc.


Starry eyed romance or full of action?

- Definitely starry eyed romance. I love romance stories (not the “fabio” type) so no matter what genre I’m reading, I enjoy it more if there’s a love story intertwined. Sometimes there’s too much action in books it actually gets boring for me. Like The Hobbit, too much action and no love. But The Princess Bride has a lot of action and love so really enjoyed that one much more! I’m a hopeless romantic :)


Curl up in your snuggie or bathe in the sun?

- I prefer curling up in a blanket and getting comfy to read. I love the idea of one day having both a window seat and a fireplace to read by. It’s just so cozy. With tea or hot cocoa in hand. :) I don’t read outside, but having a hammock would be nice, or sitting on a porch (don’t have either of those) or under a tree…


Hot chocolate or latte?

-I love a hot drink while reading. I love tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. But I’d choose hot cocoa over a latte more relaxing.


Read the review or decide for yourself?

- A bit of both but I’d choose read the review. There’s just so much to read and so little time to read so I want to read good books, so I tend to read books that are more popular than not. I often check goodreads and if a book has a lot of ratings, I read the reviews but then ultimately decide for myself how I like a book. (after it having a lot of ratings, and it’s popular)


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