The A-Z Book Tag

Rules: List books that begin with eah letter of the alphabet. Must be ones you own. (If there’s a “the” in the beginning of the title, it can only count for T)

A- A Little Princess
B- Breaking Dawn
C- Cinder
D- Dracula
E- Eat, Pray, Love
F- Forever in Blue
G- Garden Spells
H- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I- Into the Wild
J- Jurassic Park
K- Key of Light
L- L.A. Candy
M- Marley & Me
N- Never Let Me Go
O- Oliver Twist
P- Pride and Prejudice
Q- ?
R- Rebecca
S- Shiver
T- Tuck Everlasting
U-Under the Tuscan Sun V- Vision in White
W- Where We Belong
X- ?
Y- Ya-Yas in Bloom
Z- ?


[This was created by someone on youtube]