Yearly Reading Goals

This is a little late in the game for 2013 since we are half way through the year, but I was just thinking about goals I want to make for myself so I can feel more accomplished with my reading. I started really keeping track of what I read when I made a goodreads account (and actually started using it) back in 2011. My TBR list just continues growing, so I wanted to make some goals for myself. I wish that I could read 100 books a year, but in reality I read closer to 50 books a year. It’s hard to get to all the ones I want to read (that keep accumulating on my bookshelves) so I just wanted to make a few goals that I could stick to. Anyways here goes:


1. Read at least 5 classics in a year

 - With all the new books coming out, I want to make sure I get to the classics that I really want to read. [a series would count as 1]

2. Reread at least 1 book a year

- I know one book is not much but like I said by tbr pile is too long and since i don’t read that much in a year, I want to reread at least 1 of my favorites that I been wanting to read again

3. Finish at least 2 series that you started

- I tend to start a series without finishing it, so its time I finish some! (this counts for duology, trilogy, a sequel to a novel)

4. Finish at least 3 book you started but put back on the shelf/ones you been meaning to read for ages

- I also tend to pick up a book start it (maybe with a few chapters in) and don’t finish it because I’m not in the mood for it. There have been books that I pick up several times and put them back so its time I finally read them as well. There are also so many books I’ve been meaning to get to but they just sit there.

5. Read at least 1 nonfiction novel

- While I do enjoy some nonfiction, I don’t think I read enough of it because I do prefer fiction more.


I think 5 goals is plenty for me to stick by and these will help me not neglect the books I’ve been meaning to read!