Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley

Scarlett - Alexandra Ripley, Stephens Mitchell

One of my favorite books is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and I may love Scarlett (the sequel) even more. (mostly due to the ending) Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler are one of my favorite literary couples :) Some people bash this book because it wasn’t written by Mitchell (she didn’t intend to write a sequel either) but I loved it. I thought it was well written and that Ripley did a great job portraying the characters especially Rhett and Scarlett. We see so much growth in Scarlett in this book, she goes to Ireland which is amazing, and it gives the ending I was hoping for. I wanted to share one of my favorite scenes in this book that just gave me chills while reading it. If I remember correctly, Scarlett was on a boat getting back to Ireland from her home in Charleston and they made a stop somewhere to tour something of Rhett Butlers. After the stop, she was back on the ship and saw Rhett talking to people by the dock. The passage is:


     Rhett bowed once again. The ship was moving away from the dock. He put his hat on and turned away. His thumb tilted the hat to the back of his head.

     Don’t go, cried Scarlett’s heart.

     Rhett glanced over his shoulder as if there had been a sound. His eyes met hers, and surprise stiffened his lithe body. For a long, immeasurable moment the two of them looked at each other while the space between them widened. Then blandness smooth Rhett’s face as he touched two fingers to his hat brim in salute. Scarlett lifted her hand. 

     He was still standing there on the dock when the ship turned into the channel to the sea. When Scarlett could see him no longer, she sank numbly into a deck chair.”

-[Chapter 70 page 63]


I was swooning by this point, you’d probably have to read both books to really get it. But both are amazing books I’d recommend everyone to read :)