Book Scavenger Hunt Tag

This tag involves finding books on my bookshelf (ones I own) that pertain to these following questions :) [To challenge myself a little bit, these will be books I have read as well]



Find a book that either the title or author’s name contains a Z:



Find a classic:


Find a book with a key on it




Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book:



[Kind of creepy looking. These are wax hands my boyfriend and I did while at the renaissance fair - very fun to do!]


Find the oldest book on your bookshelf:



[1978, this edition was published. I have older books, but haven’t read them.]


Find a book with a girl on the cover:



Find a book that has an animal in it:



Find a book with a male protagonist:



Find a book with only words on it:



Find a book with illustrations in it:



Find a book with gold lettering:



Find a diary, true or fictional:





Find a book who’s author has a common last name (like Smith):



Find a book that has a close-up of something:



Find a book that takes place in the earliest time period:



[The main character time travels to 1743 during most of the book]


Find a hardcover book without a jacket:



Find a teal/turquoise colored book:



Find a book with stars on it:


[There’s stars around the couple]


Find a non-YA book:



That’s all this was fun  & I would love to create a part 2! :)


[This tag was created by libraryofsarah on youtube]