The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen

The Peach Keeper - Sarah Addison Allen

This had all the makings to be a really great book but unfortunately the recipe wasn't quite right. Allen seemed like she was lining things up to be a big surprise at the end but it was all very predictable. I feel like everything just happened too quickly in this book, if things were actually kept a mystery and the truth was revealed at the end, it would of been better. Maybe if the story went back and forth from present to past, it would of made it more interesting as well. I read her other 3 books (Garden Spells is my favorite) so I was eager to read this one but was left disappointed. It makes me sad that it had so much going for it to be a good book. Overall it felt a little unorganized and a bit rushed and wish more time was spent with this story to make it work better. It did have some redeeming qualities that made me continue reading. I love how she adds a bit of magic to each book she makes and yet it still has a more realistic feel to it. I did like how we heard the thoughts of various characters and liked the romance in it. Like I said it did have all the pieces that I enjoyed, they just didn't come together quite right for me.