Book Review: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen

Summary: Flipped is about a boy named Bryce who moves into a new neighborhood and the first person he meets is his neighbor across the street named Juli because she runs over there to help them unpack and begins to have a crush on Bryce. Bryce doesn't want anything to do with her - she's different and doesn't have any friends. Then one day Bryce starts seeing things differently...


"But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare."


"To be held above the earth and brushed by the wind," she said, "it's like your heart has been kissed by beauty."


Review: Have you ever read a book that you are absolutely loving and then the end disappoints you a little? This was one of them. The ending didn't ruin the whole book for me -so I only knocked it half a star. But I didn't get enough closure - I wanted more!!

Back to the book, it has been sitting on my shelf forever with no intentions of getting to it anytime soon, until someone else mentioned it and the movie. I didn't realize it was a movie until I watched the trailer and realized I have seen that movie and really enjoyed it! So I immediately picked up the book and liked it right away! I love coming of age stories like this - reminds me of Stand By Me, My Girl, Now & Then, The Wonder Years, all those type of children coming of age tales set between the 50s-70s (side note: I'm not actually sure if this novel was set in those times, but that's what the movie portrayed, the book never mentioned it's time period). So I knew I was going to enjoy the book - I liked that it was in both main characters perspective with alternating chapters. I loved all the characters, I liked the growth in the novel and there were so many great quotes and messages too!

So much about this book I was loving and then I realized it was reminding me of my favorite book and movie, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks but for a much younger crowd. Because of the first love story - the whole "boy would never think he'd like this girl because she's different but then suddenly realizes he likes her because she's different" kind of deal. Remember that scene in the movie where Landon is looking at Jamie in the yearbook? Yeah there's a seen like that in this book - so sweet :)

I can't really put how beautiful I thought this book was into words - Juli's character, her father, her uncle, Bryce's growth, his grandfather, the quotes, the love story, the sycamore tree, the message of the story, the writing - I just loved this story. You never really understand someone until you've walked in their shoes and this book definitely conveys that message - especially with the alternating perspectives between the two main characters. The only thing is I just wish there was more, more closure, more of the book - I'd love to see the two main characters when they are older and fall in love. It would be so beautiful. That really needs to happen!!! I feel like the story could have had a bigger impact if it were longer and just more. And I am disappointed by the ending, it was abrupt - left me wanting more - and all I needed was one thing to happen between the two main characters and more closure with them then I would have been soooo happy with the book. It would have been perfect. I need to rewatch the movie because I forget how it ended (the movie seemed pretty faithful to the book from what I remember)and maybe that will provide some more closure!

But anyway I still love this book -(I was just a little disappointed in the end) the story is beautiful - if you like children coming of age stories, first love stories, movies like Stand By Me and Now & Then, and if you love A Walk to Remember - I definitely recommend picking this one up!:


Have you read this book or anything else by the author? Can you recommend any other kind of coming of age/first love type of stories?