Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Winter Garden - Kristin Hannah

I really liked this story especially the story within this story. It was heartbreaking! I didn't like some of the twists, wish it was more of a surprise to the reveal of who she was but it wasn't all predictable. I, like other reviewers didn't like the twist at the end, but I still had closure with the book. I was expecting the mom did something far worse like she was making it out to be, so I was a little disappointed with that. Also, the way the mom acted towards her husband and daughters wasn't fully believable or to consistent which bothered me a bit I am however amazed that so far all the books I have read from Hannah have been so different from her others. I know she explores relationships but they're still each unique. Usually (from what I read) authors stick with a certain theme. Overall it was a good read that kept me turning the pages :)