The Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen

The Luxe - Anna Godbersen Rumors  - Anna Godbersen Envy (Luxe, Book 3) - Anna Godbersen Splendor: A Luxe Novel (The Luxe) - Anna Godbersen

“I've always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we'll have." - The Luxe


This amazing series is set in 1899/1900s and revolves around 4 girls (2 sisters, a snobby "friend", and a maid) There's a lot of drama, romance and scandal, and everything you'd expect a book set in the 1900s to have (dances, carriage rides, big dresses...) Think Gossip Girl set in the 1900s but WAY better

I am really going to miss reading this series. I love the era that the books were set in, and the characters, and all the drama that kept me turning the pages for more. It was creatively written and this is now one of my favorite series and want to devour her other series, Bright Young Things and anything else she writes!!



(Spoilers for the whole series - I wanted to share my thoughts on what happened with each of the characters) So DO NOT READ if you haven't read the series or completed it. If you haven't I suggest reading them :) NOW.


Series Wrap Up:


I'll start with my thoughts on Penelope since she was my least favorite. In The Luxe, I did like her although she was snotty, but I did feel bad that Henry betrayed her and never was really in love with her. In Rumors, I was hoping that they wouldn't actually end up getting married that Elizabeth's return and tragedy would stop it, but they did. A part of me wanted her to end up with the Prince but was part happy that she got what she deserved. Lina - I was happy that she went from a maid to a "lady" At first I wanted her to be with Will, then found out about Will and Elizabeth but still hoped for it for her until I realized how true Will and Elizabeth's love was. Then I liked Tristan for her until he told her it was he that stole her money and his character really showed. Then I was picturing her marrying Leland and taking Claire in and was sad that he left her but happy for the way things turned out for her and Claire. And I'm not too sad for her since I felt that I didn't know too much about Leland to really pine and care for the couple.Elizabeth - I was sooo sad when Will died, it broke my heart! I am glad she kept his baby and his spirit alive though. I did like Teddy and was glad that he loved her for awhile and that they ended up together even though part of my heart is sad that she would love someone else after Will, but the way the story unfolded, it just seemed right. And Mr. Cairns, knew something was up with him and glad he got what he deserved!!!! And now to the greatest love of all that was sadly lost. I loved Henry and Diana. At first I thought Henry was just flirting with her because that was his nature but then it really grew to love and I was pining for them through the series and couldn't wait for them to finally be together only to be disappointed that Diana left him. Somehow it fits in a way, it's poetic and she was young. She loved him but her love for adventure and finding herself in another country was greater and he devotion to his father and heir. I still feel sad for their lost love and now can only imagine that one day when he realizes what he gave up and goes to find her in Paris and they will be together again.


Overall very good series, that is among my favorites now :) Definitely one that I'd recommend anyone who enjoys drama, 1900s, romance, and tragedy in a book!