Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffin

I have read Something Borrowed and Something Blue by this author, and loved them. The stories flowed so well, and Giffin is a good writer and kept a good pace with the books. So I recently got this one, thinking I was also going to really love it. While it was written good, and a quick read, I am merely disappointed with it. It was interesting to read both points of views of Tessa and Valerie, to hear both point of views. Overall I found myself liking Valerie and Charlie more (even though I thought that was interesting because Tessa was in first person so you'd think I'd feel for her more and also because Valerie was the other woman) But I still sympathized with them both. I really am against cheating of any kind and that's what conflicted me with this story because Giffin had me liking and sympathizing with each of the women and it was written well .... but it's still wrong and it made me mad. This would be easier if Tessa was a horrible wife and he was obviously not in love with her and if she wasn't right for him.... it would be easier if the other woman was I also didn't like the ending, Nick downsized what he and Valerie had which I thought was wrong because of how close he was with her and Charlie.