Top Ten Tuesday: Authors You Own the Most Books From



Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish 

 where mostly bookish topics are picked - and you show your top ten!


This week's topic is... top ten authors you own the most books from! This was a lot of fun finding the authors! I left out some like J.K. Rowling, Lemony Snicket and C.S. Lewis that I may own a good amount of their books but since they are mainly from their popular series (Harry Potter, The Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Chronicles or Narnia), I decided to not include them in this post!! But this is my top ten:


1. Nicholas Sparks (18 books)


- It's only fitting that he's my number one - He's my favorite author so of course I own all of his books and have read them all (10 of them at least twice!) :) My favorite being A Walk to Remember :)


2. Sarah Dessen (10 books)


- I have only read 6 of her books and wouldn't exactly say she's a favorite author of mine, but I do collect her books! My favorite is the Truth About Forever so far :) But I haven't read one of her books in a really long time - loved her as a teen! I believe I'm only missing her most recent novel, The Moon and More! I need to read that and also: Dreamland, What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the Ride, and This Lullaby.


3. Ann Brashares (8.5 books)


- I say 8.5 because I own 8 of her books and have her newest one, The Here and Now as an e-arc on my kindle. She's one of my favorite authors and I love her books - read them all :) My favorite is her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series but my favorite of her 4 stand alone novels is definitely My Name is Memory!


4. Roald Dahl (8 books)


- I love this author, I loved him as a kid and still love him now! The only one I want to add to my collection is The Witches and then my collection of his books will be complete for me. I used to have Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator but got rid of it because I hated it :/ But my favorite is Matilda, followed by James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then the Witches :) I like the others I own, but not favorites! And I need to read Danny the Champion of the World still! (I also own The Twits, Fantastic Mr. Fox, George's Marvelous Medicine, and The BFG)


5. Sophie Kinsella (8 books)


- One of my favorite authors :) I own 5 of her Shopaholic books and 3 stand alone novels (Can You Keep a Secret, Wedding Night, and The Undomestic Goddess). I want to own all her books one day! My favorite is Can You Keep a Secret? I just need to read Wedding Night, Twenties Girl, and the restart and finish the Shopaholic series :)


6. Stephen King (7 books)


- So far, I've only read 3 of his books (It, Carrie, and the Shining) but definitely want to continue to read his work, and have been just collecting the ones I plan on reading because I don't think I'll read all of his bajillion books! I need Under the Dome and Joyland asap! My favorite so far is It - it was a bit long but I loved the 70s feel of it). (I also own Pet Sematary, Hearts in Atlantis, The Stand, and Salem's Lot) Not sure which one I'll read next but I'm on the hunt for Joyland so maybe that one!


7. Emily Giffin (6 books)


- Another favorite author of mine! I only need to own and read her newest, The One and Only. I tried to read it from the library but I couldn't get into it/just wasn't in the mood for it. Eventually I'll get it! My favorite is definitely Something Borrowed!


8. Kristin Hannah (6 books)


- I did own more of hers but only kept the ones I really wanted to read and also got rid of True Colors because I didn't like it. Out of the ones I own I need to read Home Front and Between Sisters. My favorite is definitely Firefly Lane (also need to read and own the sequel!) I really like this author! (I also own and have read Magic Hour, On Mystic Lake, and Winter Garden)


9. Jane Austen (6 books)


- I own her 6 novels (there might be more, I just own her most popular ones) Sad to say I've only read one of them - Pride and Prejudice :/ I plan to read all 6 and think my next one will be Persuasion! I've read 1/4 of Emma but got bored to be honest and put it down well over a year ago! :/ 


10. Stephenie Meyer (6 books)


- Of course i have the Twilight Saga, the novella- Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, and The Host. My favorite is definitely the Host! Wondering if she's going to write anything else? Haven't heard anything in awhile! I wish she'd finish and publish Midnight Sun because I read the first 12 chapters and already liked it better than Twilight! And she's supposed to continue on with the Host but I don't know if that will happen...


So that's my list, next would be 5 books and would include Libba Bray, (just need Going Bovine) and also I have 5 of Elin Hilderbrand books and have yet to read one of them! I either need to change that or just get rid of them! On a good note: I love when I find an author where I want to own and read all of their books :)


What author do you own the most books from?? Would any of the authors on my list make it on your top ten?