Top 5 Wednesday: Books That Have Made Me Cry [Nicholas Sparks Edition]

Top 5 Wednesday


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This week's topic is,,, top 5 books that have made you cry! I am a sap and have cried reading sooo many books! Hell I cry during commercials!! It may be weird, but I love when a book gives me a good cry - because it means the book really impacted me and it's just real. So when I was looking through my books to come up with some that were memorable that really made me cry, I realized that I was basically picking the ones that I already have on my top ten list of books that have made me cry that I made almost a year ago (Although I'd update the list and add some books like Making Faces by Amy Harmon and Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson that I read this year that definitely made me cry along with some others) and when I was making the list of my top 5 I was having a hard time choosing which Nicholas Sparks book to add.... so I decided to make this my list of top 5 Nicholas Sparks books that have made me cry! I feel like anyone who knows me knows he's my favorite author and plenty of his books have made me cry for different reasons. Contrary to what people think, not all of his books are sad and will make you cry - but they all deal with deeper issues that are sad. These 5 are ones that practically ripped my heart out and made me full on cry! Here's my list:


5. The Rescue




The Rescue is about a mother and son that get in an car accident during a storm and Denise realizes her son (who has learning disabilities) is missing. In comes Taylor a firefighter who goes on the search for to find her son....


- There were two specific parts that I remember that just broke my heart and I cried.


4. The Last Song




The Last Song is about a girl named Ronnie and her brother who have to stay with their father at his beach house over the summer. Ronnie's parents are divorced and she's having trouble dealing with it so she gives her dad a hard time and is angry and rebellious. But this summer will change her


This book is beautiful and will definitely make you cry.


3. Nights in Rodanthe




Nights in Rodanthe is about a woman named Adrienne who's husband leaves her for someone else. Her friend asks her to look after her inn for a weekend and she agrees. There is only one guest the entire weekend who is a doctor who has come to work out something he is going through and seems to keep to himself. Then a storm comes in and they are cooped up together at the inn...


There were definitely a few parts in this book that made me cry and the ending especially ripped my heart out!


2. The Best of Me





The Best of Me is about a woman named Amanda and a man named Dawson who came from opposite sides of the tracks but fell in love in high school but eventually split up. Years later they both return to their hometown to attend a funeral of a mutual friend and see each other for the first time in years and they try to get to know one another again while dealing with their past.


OMG. This one just tears me apart. So sad and heartbreaking. But beautiful at the same time. UGH. Cannot wait to see the movie that comes out in October! YAY! Need to reread this one...


1. Message in a Bottle





Message in a Bottle is about a woman named Theresa who finds this bottle that has a letter inside it while she's running on the beach. This letter is from a man named Garret who is writing a love letter to his late wife, Catherine. Theresa is so intrigued and moved by this letter that she goes and seeks the man who wrote it.


It's hard to say (especially with my top 3) which one made me the saddest. But this one - I can't deal. My heart was ripped out.




So that is my top 5 of Nicholas Sparks books that have made me cry! You may be wondering why my favorite book, A Walk to Remember is not on this list - while it does make me cry - not as much as these 5. The way the book is written makes you really sad but it's also beautiful! I cannot wait for the next book he writes!


What are some books that have made you cry? Have you read a Nicholas Sparks book that have made you cry? Do you like books that make you cry or avoid them?