Would You Rather? Book Edition Meme

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I love these things and there's at least 3 of these in my feed... so why not do it too? :)





1. … only read trilogies or only stand-alones? 

I'd rather only read stand-alones. Too many series out there and I just loved a good complete story :)



2. … never be allowed to read the last chapter of a book but be able to read as many books as you want OR only be allowed to read one book a year, but be allowed to finish it?

This is CRUEL. One thing I need is closure from a book or I can't move on so I won't feel like I'm read the book without the last chapter. WHAT IS THIS QUESTION? UGH. I'll have to go with only one book a year but finish it because not finishing a book would drive me INSANE.



3. … all books become movies or all books become TV shows? 

Movies. I love watching book-to-movie adaptions :)



4. ... write a crappy book that is critically panned but sells millions of copies (and makes you millions of dollars) or write an award-winning book that sells a few thousand and leaves you in relative obscurity? 

Definitely write an award-winning book! I'd feel so accomplished and feel that I've done good work and hopefully it will impact people :) I feel bad for some authors like E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer who have sold millions but get criticized like CRAZY.



5. … be a professional reviewer or a professional author?  

I'm actually going to pick reviewer. An author has too much work and responsibility and probably won't have as much time as a reviewer to read the books they want! I rather be behind the scenes :)



6. … only read your 20 favorite books over and over or only read new books and never re-read your favorites? 

Tricky, tricky. I really love rereading my favorites, but I love discovering new books. So if I had to choose - I'd say only read new books. And I'll just have to keep my favorites as a good memory :)



7. … have to read 50 Shades of Grey repeatedly for an entire year OR go to every showing of the movie at your local theater for a month?

LOL. I will not read 50 Shades again... especially for a whole year! I'd pick see the movie for a month at every showing because it's only a month, my theater tickets are 5 bucks - it's local and not that popular so a lot of people wouldn't see me, and it's only roughly 2 hours. Still a lot though - but no I can't make myself read that again!



8. … read 5 pages a day or 5 books a week?

Definitely 5 books a week!! I wish I could do that - it is an extremely good week if I could read 5 books!!



9. ...  always have to read out loud—IN A VERY LOUD VOICE THAT EVERYONE AROUND YOU CAN HEAR—or be unable to read and always have someone read to you?

I can't have someone read to me but damn would I lose my voice reading aloud. Maybe that's the catch - I'll read so loudly for awhile that I'll lose my voice and can't read loudly anymore... :D



10. … read only female authors or male authors? 

The majority of what I read are female authors but .... Nicholas Sparks. I can't not read his books. So just for that I gotta pick male authors. But damn, this hurts!



11. … only read physical books or e-books?

I love reading on my kindle, but I gotta go with physical books! No brainer!



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