Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

Summary: Maybe Someday is about a girl named Sydney who just dumps her boyfriend because he is cheating on her with her best friend. With nowhere to go, she ends up living with Ridge - a musician she used to admire from a far. They begin writing songs and battling their feelings towards each other...

  ♫ And if I can’t be yours now
I’ll wait here on this ground
Til you come, til you take me away
Maybe someday
Maybe someday ♪


Review: I loved this book. It definitely took me on an emotional roller coaster and it had my heart breaking for all the characters many times throughout the book! As Sydney was intrigued by the boy playing his guitar on his balcony - so was I. I am a sucker for a guy who can play guitar so I was happy he became the main love interest in the story. I also found it so refreshing that Ridge was deaf - we need more diversity in books! I felt like it was handled so beautifully and it was interesting to learn how he saw the world and listened to music. And how he brought Sydney into that. I loved witnessing their connection and them writing songs together and dealing with their feelings towards each other. But it was really hard to take at times since this book deals with the subject of cheating. My heart couldn't handle many of the things throughout this book. I definitely had a lot to process after finishing this one! From the music to the characters - the one word that I can describe this book is beautiful. It made me laugh at times, angry, confused, happy, teary, emotional - everything!


I don't know what more I can say without going into spoilers - so I decided to include a spoiler discussion because I just need to express how this book made me feel! If you read this book, feel free to read on but if not - you should definitely pick this book up!!


Spoilery Discussion




This book and my dear heart. Watching their love grow was amazing but also so conflicting at the same time because of his relationship with Maggie. I've read book where cheating is involved and I feel like in those books - the cheating was justified and I became okay with it - (because the one they were with wasn't really right for them, they were horrible, or maybe they just weren't explained enough for me to feel anything for them.) Also, in real life I am against cheating, but some reason I like reading about it in books or seeing it in movies if it's justified. But this one in particular was just hard to stomach. Because Maggie was amazing and you can see the love that he had for her. And that really hurt my heart. Because here I am rooting for Sydney and Ridge to get together because of what both of them had been through and their connection is just beautiful. But you know he loves Maggie and their story is beautiful as well - how he waited to date her, how he kisses her on her forehead and how protective he is of her. When he said he'd never leave Maggie was just so hard to read. It got me thinking that if my boyfriend fell in love with someone knowing how he feels about me - my life would be over. (I know dramatic, but I'm being honest - he's my best friend) So it was just hard to take when I was putting myself into Maggie's shoes. But this was not easy seeing how both Ridge and Sydney were struggling with their feelings toward each other. Thank goodness this ended the way it did and how it was handled- that Maggie found out about them (I was so hurt for her) And how she said they weren't right for each other and that he was holding her back. It made sense - how they had this ideal love for each other because they waited a year before dating and how he's with her to protect her. It's still hard knowing that their love was great and how he still loves her but the way he coped with their break up and how he really saw how he felt for Sydney was true, was beautiful. And that scene at the end where he performs his/their songs for her was beautiful. And when she signed to him "when" - I actually started to cry. That was so beautiful! and their love for each other really is amazing!! And after reading the epilogue found on the maybesomedaysoundtrack website I feel even better about what happened and it was beautiful!



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I think it's so awesome that there is a soundtrack for this book, and that all the songs in the books are written and performed by Griffin Peterson. It just really adds more to the book and makes me love it all the more! The songs are beautiful and I cannot stop listening to them! Especially "Maybe Someday" that I'll leave you the link to:


I read and really enjoyed Hopeless last month and after reading Maybe Someday, I will definitely be reading all of Colleen Hoovers' books! I highly recommend this book - but prepare yourself for an emotional ride and a powerful love story!




Have you read Maybe Someday or any of Colleen Hoover's other books?