To Start My Own Blog?

Hello :)


About my blog name. When I wanted to start a blog, I started out on Tumblr and used Peace Love Books as my name but then I stopped using Tumblr because I didn't like it and felt lonely over there so I joined Booklikes and love it!! But I'm not sure how I feel about my name, I want something catchy and original but it's really hard to think of one! I changed it to "A Book to Remember" because A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is my favorite book but I feel like it's cheesy and not sure if I like it better than Peace Love Books. I've been thinking of a new name because if I start my own blog, I want a good name...


To start my own blog? So I've been thinking about starting an actual blog on blogger or wordpress or something but I'm debating about that. I'm not very good with HTML and all that fancy stuff so it scares me. Also I feel like there are expectations with blogs - that you must do giveaways, you must read review books/arcs, you must schedule posts....etc. I follow a lot of bloggers on twitter and it just seems stressful to keep up with all the expectations and I don't want it to take the fun out of blogging whatever I want. And on booklikes, there are so many people and I love how I can follow people easily and it just this whole community. When you start a separate blog - it just seems lonely and it seems like you'll have to constantly promote yourself to get people to read your blog. But if I start one, I feel more credible you know? I feel like I'll be taken more seriously as a reviewer in the eyes of other bloggers and readers - and even authors and publishers. For some reason I feel like I can't call myself an official blogger because of using booklikes to blog and I feel like that's not fair. I really like the community & how easy it is to post on here and not worry about making a super lengthy and fancy post. And then it also feels like it would take up so much of my time to make a good blog - not sure if I can commit to all that. I hate that I feel this way! But on the other hand, it looks fun and I can make a beautiful blog, maybe start a meme, hopefully make more friends, and just expand my reading experience.


I was thinking of starting one for the New Year but I'll still be thinking on that....decisions, decisions!! Also I hope this post doesn't offend anyone because I don't mean it too - these are just my crazy thoughts!! Maybe I'm just making too big of a deal about this, but that's just the way I am! And I wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully get some input from you guys :)


What are your thoughts on a blog name? What about starting my own blog? Do you have your own blog outside of booklikes? I'll take any advice or thoughts!