Top 13 Books of 2013

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer My Name is Memory - Ann Brashares Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices) - Cassandra Clare Can You Keep a Secret? - Sophie Kinsella Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks Shatter Me (Shatter Me (Quality)) - Tahereh Mafi The Diviners - Libba Bray

These were my favorite books of the year! According to goodreads, I read 100 books this year. However some were really short (novellas, short books)! Regardless, I read a lot of great books! (and some bad ones)


Here is my top 13 - I couldn't rank them, so the way I ordered them was the order in which I read them this year :) ( I did not include any rereads) P.S. I included 5 honorable mentions and 5 of my least favorite reads at the end!!


1. Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

- The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series! The first book is Cinder which I also really loved, Scarlet is the second! They are fairy tale retellings in a sci-fi world! LOVE. Cress the third book comes out on February 4th and I cannot wait to read it! Already pre-ordered it :) She is definitely one of my favorite authors :)


2. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

- This is one in which I saw the movie first and really enjoyed the movie! And then I read the book and even though it was different, I really enjoyed it! I love retellings so this was a Romeo & Juliet retelling and also it was my first zombie book and I definitely want to read more!!


3. My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

- I loved this book, it was so different from her previous work but man this love story was so so good!! The only thing that bothered me was the ending, GAH. I wish and hope there will be a sequel to this one day! Even though I didn't like the ending, this is still one of my favorite books that I'm looking forward to reading again! Also one of my favorite covers :)


4. The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare

- Man this trilogy is AMAZING! I loved it!! I liked the Mortal Instruments, not a favorite didn't wow me or anything but this I just loved! Even though they were similiar I think it was the setting and time period and Will Herondale that really sold it. I just loved the characters and I just liked the story better! One of my favorite series :)


5. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

- Coming of Age is one of my favorite genres so I just really loved this book. The growth of Pony Boy, the setting, the time period (want to read more books set in the 50-70s!) It was such a good book!!


6. Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

- I first read Confessions of a Shopaholic a few years ago and didn't really enjoy it that much. This year I decided to give one of her stand alone novels a shot and I absolutely loved this book! It read like a romantic comedy movie is the best way I can describe it! I read 3 others this year, definitely want to read all of her work and read the Shopaholic series! Definitely became one of my favorite authors :) The best true chick lit I've read!


7. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

- This book was so good, I loved the setting and the characters!! I love when two people get to know each other like this in books and we get a lot of dialogue! I loved the references too :) Rainbow Rowell became one of my fave authors this year too, read Fangirl and also enjoyed it just not as much as E&P. Can't wait to read more of her work!


8. Bright Young Things trilogy by Anna Godbersen

- I loved the Luxe series by this author and also really loved this trilogy as well!! She is definitely one of my favorite authors and I will read anything she writes! I love her characters and the settings and how the story is told. It's just beautiful! Loved how this one wrapped up :) It's just so good!! This one is set in the 1920s :)


9. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- I love the 1920s, obviously :) I really loved this book - I loved the way the story through Nick and just everything about it! I definitely want to read more of his work! Also really want to see the remake of the movie with Leo!!


10. Seriously... I'm Kidding by Ellen Degenerous

- I love Ellen and this book was really funny. What I think really won it over for me is that I listened to the audio book of this and it was my first successful time listening to one! I really enjoyed it!! She also read it and it was nonfiction so that really helped. It feels like you are just listening to someone talk rather than having to keep up with a fictional story! It was an amazing experience! Definitely want to listen to more audiobooks! And Ellen is hilarious!


11. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

- I say it enough, but Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author so of course his new book would be on this list! I loved this book as I love his others! I love his writing and the way he tells stories :) I'll never tire of this good love stories :)


12. Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

- I became obsessed with this series! It's SOOO good and addicting!! I feel like I talk about it enough! It's amazing! Go read it! Can't wait for Ignite Me that comes out on February 4th!! YAY!!!! Team Warner!!


13. The Diviners by Libba Bray

Surprise, surprise another book set in the 1920s that I loved!! This book was so good, so well written the story was so impressive! I loved it. It creeped me out but in such a good way! I cannot wait to continue on with this series! SO GOOD!!!


5 Honorable Mentions:


1. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

2. Winger by Andrew Smith

3. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

4. Salty Aftertaste by Jason Llyod

5. Light Between the Oceans by M. L. Stedman



BONUS: 5 Least Favorite Reads of the Year:


1. Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

2. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

3. Key of Light by Nora Roberts

4. The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham

5. Divergent by Veronica Roth