Top Tens

Ever so often, I like to do Top Ten posts, so this is where I will put them :) Keep in mind that these top 10s may not be up to date with what I'd pick now.


1. Most Influential Books:


2. Classics I Want to Read:


3. Fictional Boyfriends:


4. Winter Reads:


5. Favorite Series:


6. Books That Have Made Me Cry:


7. Booktube Made Me Buy:


8. Favorite Children's Books:


9. Favorite Genres:


10. Least Favorite Books:


11. Favorite Romances:


12. Favorite Historical Fictions:


13. Favorite Book Couples:


14. I Liked the Movie/T.V. Show Better:


 15. Favorite Movies:


16. Best Books I've Read in 2014 So far:


17. Books in My Beach Bag:


 18. Authors You Own the Most Books From:


19. Favorite School Settings:


20. Authors I've Read One Book From & Need More: